Company overview


In modern livestock industry, consumer demand for safe livestock products is increasing day by day, perception is growing that feed is food, and animal welfare issue is on the rise.
B&B Korea has pioneered domestic and overseas markets by developing eco-friendly products applying biologicals and natural formulations. In addition, the livestock industry has a close relationship with agriculture, contributing to the realization of natural circulation farming by developing new bio fertilizers and natural fertilizers.
Since its foundation, we have continued to develop overseas markets and now export products related to the agricultural industry to more than 10 countries.
We will continue to focus on research and development of eco-friendly products, contributing to the production of safe food for animals to be healthy and happy for humans.



자연 친화적인 제품개발


동.식물의 건강


사람의 행복


  • 1992Establishment of company
  • 1999Conversion of B&B KOREA Co.,Ltd. Incorporation
    Corporate Research Institute (Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • 2001Experiment in Malaysia shrimp farm
  • 2003Patent application of Probiotic for Inhibiting of Diarrhea and Bloody Excrement of Livestock (0014215)
    microorganisms export to Malaysia (Shrimp farm)
  • 2004Patent application of microorganisms for livestock diarrhea control (0025062)
  • 2005Patent registration of Novel Trichosporon loubieri Variant and Method for Treatment of High Concentrate Waste Water Using the Same (Article No. 0493704)
  • 2006Patent registration of Probiotic for Inhibiting of Diarrhea and Bloody Excrement of Livestock (Article No. 0553377)
    Prize for Gyeonggi-do Small and Medium business people (Technology prize, Gyeonggi-do Small and Medium Business Administration), ISO9001 certification
  • 2007Solid-state fermentation plant expansion, Venture Company certification, INOBIZ certification
    Product Registration in China and Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture
  • 2008Establishment of Vietnam branch office
  • 2009Product Registration in Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture
  • 2010Facility expansion of 4 large liquid fermenters
  • 2011Began exporting in Thailand
  • 2013Facility expansion of Solid-state fermentation plant and high-pressure solid-state sterilizer
  • 2014Technology transfer of Bacillus licheniformis from National Institute of Argicultural Sciences (NIAS)
    New-product export registration in Malaysia
  • 2015Patent registration of Novel strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and animal feed additive containing it (Article No. 10-1494230)
    Strain deposit to KACC for Novel strain of Monascus purpureus
    Strain deposit to KACC for Novel strain of Bacillus subtilis
    Facility expansion of 2 large Fermenters, 1 solid Sterilizer, 2 Fermentation dryers
    New-Product export Registration in Thailand Livestock Agency
    New-Product export Registration in Vietnam Livestock Agency and Fisheries
  • 2016Development of water-soluble ion silicic fertilizer
    Begin to exporting water-soluble ion silicic fertilizer to Southeast Asia
  • 2017Development of mineral water for companion animals
  • 2018Development of lightless livestock heater (DASARA)
    Registered Microorganism product in China’s Ministry of Agriculture
  • 2019Registered Microorganism product in China’s General Administration of China (GACC)