CEO Greetings

B&B KOREA is a biotechnology company that specialized in the production of microorganism, mineral, and enzyme products since its establishment in 1992.

Its necessity and importance of beneficial microorganisms for people as well as in animals has been increasing day by day.
Beneficial microorganism product for animal must be safe for human and animals first, contain high bacterial counts, and need excellent activity of the microorganisms.
Our mass production equipment and systematic production systems enables uniform production with high quality, and our price competitiveness in foreign markets contribute to export growth and of the international awareness of domestic products.
B&B KOREA has been exporting bio products for animal to Southeast Asian market and China. Also, we developed liquid fertilizer using minerals and exporting to Southeast Asian market and India market. At present, we are commercializing by developing “Dasara”, a livestock heater without light and emit far infrared light.

B&B KOREA will do our best to develop technology for animal health and human happiness as always. Thank you.