Project Description


Country of origin : Korea
Manufacturer : B&B Korea


With excellent anti-virus function and blood circulation are targeted for livestock and aquaculture’s diarrhea and pathogenic virus diseases.


Lactobacillus acidophilus 1.5 x 107 cfu/ml

How to use

Pig : 1-3ml/liter water
Poultry: 1-3ml/liter water
Cow : 50ml/cow/day
Fish : 2-5ml/kg feed
Shrimp: 5- 10ml/kg feed


Increasing feed intake rate
Enhancing fish excrement condition
Anti-virus function
Competition: Faster than harmful bacteria for nutrition
Promoting the operation of blood circulation
Co-operation: Making safe circumstance for the other useful bacteria
Prohibiting pathogenic virus
Improving immune system
Decomposition ability by strong enzymes
Excellent proliferating ability
Reducing Ammonia concentration rate
Promoting Digestibility
Reinforcing disintegration ability of feed sediments for the bottom line

Packing size

2L, 18L


Store at cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.