Project Description


Country of origin : Korea
Manufacturer : B&B Korea


I-MAX is a natural formulation which is made by pulverizing and mixing raw natural minerals and then heat-treating them at 1650 ℃ for several hours, pulverizing them again, and 100% water-soluble through a special process.


magnesium sulfate: 6mg
calcium carbonate: 20mg

How to use

Swine: Daily 0.5 – 1mℓ per swine

Broiler. Duck:
1.Initial period (1 day – 10 days)
– Daily 50mℓ per 10,000 broilers & ducks
2.Middle period (10 days – 20 days)
– Daily 100 – 150mℓ per 10,000 broilers & ducks
3.Late period (21 days – Shipment)
– Daily 150 – 200mℓ per 10,000 broilers & ducks

Layer chicken: Daily 100 ~ 150mℓ per 10,000 layer chickens


Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antioxidant function in inside and outside of animal body
Strengthen immunity for animal’s inside and outside of the body
Emission of harmful heavy metals from animal body
Smooth supplying oxygen to animal body
Activation of microorganism inside the animal intestines (Increase the digestion ability)
Inhibition of harmful microorganisms in animal intestines (Reduce the bad odor of feces)

Packing size



Store indoors. Avoid eye and skin contact.