Project Description


Country of origin : Korea
Manufacturer : B&B Korea


1-year warranty. More than 3 years of lifetime is guaranteed.
There is no cost of consumables while using it.
Automatic temperature control of the heater
Electricity consumption can be saved up to 50% by installing the main controller.


Generate lightless far-infrared radiation heat!
Antibacterial, deodorant, antifungal, anti-viral function!
There is no risk of fire even if the product falls to the ground.
On / Off and adjustable temperature control up to 6 steps
Energy savings of over 30%
Overload protection on the PCB (regulator)


There is no light from the heater, so the biorhythm works as normal and the immunity increases.
Far-infrared radiation heat does not damage animal skin.
The skin of suckling pigs is ruddy and healthy.
The occurrence of soft stool during creep feeding period has greatly reduced.
The ground of the suckling pig’s room becomes much cleaner.
Weight gain of weaning pigs is remarkable.
Significantly reduce the mortality of weaning pigs.