Project Description


Country of origin : Korea
Manufacturer : B&B Korea


Contains various enzymes as a water-soluble natural mineral substance manufactured from the fermentation of coral rocks, natural minerals, and plant extracts over a long period of time.


Lactic acid: more than 100mg/L
Glucose: more than 100mg/L
Fructooligosaccharide: more than 450mg/L

How to use

Feed 1 pack per a day with food(or water).
(Up to 10kg: recommended 1 pack per a day)


Creates healthy skin and hair
Reduces the tears and sleep from the eyes and removes odors
Removes the odors of feces, urine and mouth
Helps build healthy bones and teeth
Helps with active metabolic activity
Helps smooth muscle activity.
Relieve the dermatitis(allergy, skin trouble, dry skin)

After 3 days of feeding: Feces and urine odors begin to decrease, and eat food better than usual.
After 14 days of feeding: Eliminates odors from feces, urine, tears, mouth, skin and hair. Also begins to disappear the smell of pets in the house.
After 20 days of feeding: Guest will not able to feel the smell of pets, and the number of pet bath is also significantly reduced.

Packing size

12ml 30ea


Store at cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight